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PLM Companies is a full service supply chain support company, so all you need is ONE company for all your needs. Why struggle with multiple vendors, multiple PO's, and multiple people coming into your facility? That leads to miscommunications, frustration, and extra costs. Call today to see how PLM Companies can help you consolidate and save

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Recycled Pallets

We customize our pallet programs to fit your specific needs. We can manage the entire pallet process in your facility, or building you a single custom pallet for that one-time need, and everything in-between. Click here to learn more

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Package Design

It all starts with the right design to protect your products during shipping. That includes the box, the interior protection, and the customer experience when they receive your products. PLM's design team can help. Call us today

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Take advantage of our stocking program. We buy in bulk and store at our warehouse so you can realize the savings and get what you need when you need it!!! Talk with your sales or customer service representative about how you can save money

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Films, Tapes, Labels, & Everything in Between

PLM has you covered for all the films, tapes, and labels to make sure your products get to their destination in tact. Click here to learn more.

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Equipment, Parts, & Service

With PLM you have peace-of-mind knowing that your equipment will perform at peak performance with our parts and certified service technicians. If its time for something new, we can do that too

Recycled Waste Steams

At the end of the supply chain cycle there is waste. PLM has several programs available to assist with your waste streams and help you generate a revenue stream. Click to learn more

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