Plastic Films

7 rolls of stretch film wrap

Stretch Films

PLM Companies is proud to distribute stretch films manufactured by several nationally recognized manufacturers. Whatever your application requires, we have the right product:

  • Machine or hand stretch film application
  • Standard cores or extended cores
  • Value or high-performance
  • Three, five or seven layers for optimum performance
  • Standard or pre-stretched
  • Standard or Biodegradable
  • Cast or Blown films
  • Clear or colored for security or identification
  • Indoor or outdoor storage

Our inventory includes a wide variety of sizes, gauge, and specialty application specific. We also provide all the accessories including hand wrappers, semi-automatic and fully-automatic pallet stretch wrappers, weighing stands, turntables, ramps, etc. We can help you automate your facility (see Equipment Automation page). Please ask your sales representative or customer service for more details.

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