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PLM Companies is your Midwest business or supply chain management brand that maintains access to premium packaging products. Our mission is to be your packaging supplier for everything related to getting products to customers in a timely fashion, including boxes, mailers, tape, and more. Our cushioning products and other packaging products are available to online brands nationwide and in-person warehouse locations alike.

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Custom & Stock Packing Boxes Ready to Ship

From adjustable depth and auto bottom cartons to record storage, our packaging products can be manufactured in various sizes, strengths, and styles. With an array of in-stock options readily available for immediate use, including popular sizes and configurations, PLM Companies ensures efficient delivery and handling. If your business is interested in more custom boxes, our team can provide both design assistance and prototype samples. Get started now!

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Protective Package Cushioning & Void FIllings

To keep your products safe in transit before they arrive to customers, package cushioning options are also available from PLM Companies. We proudly distribute Sealed Air Bubble Wrap® brand air cellular cushioning, known for its superior quality and innovative technology. With up to 30% fuller bubbles, this material maintains consistent cushioning throughout the shipping cycle, resulting in better protection. Customers also have access to:

  • Bubble Wrap® Bags in various sizes

  • Ready-To-Roll® Bubble Wrap for easy dispensing

  • Bubble Mask® for strong adhesive cushioning

  • Cold Seal Bubble Wrap for secure wrapping without tape

  • TempShield Thermal insulating material for protecting products from temperature fluctuations

Professional Tape Solutions

Our packaging products also include a comprehensive range of tapes to suit diverse applications and requirements. From pressure-sensitive tapes commonly used in packaging to paper masking tapes suitable for a variety of uses, PLM Companies has everything your business needs to securely close and seal boxes before they’re mailed off. Contact us to learn more about our carton sealing tapes with different adhesive coatings, cloth duct tapes, double-coated tapes, plain paper tapes, and reinforced carton sealing tapes for added strength! Explore our diverse tape solutions to meet your specific needs.

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Cushioned & Rigid Mailers for Small Products

For businesses shipping out smaller products that don’t require boxes, PLM Companies has mailers! Experience maximum performance with tough multilayer films, bubble wrap cushioning, features like tear tape and self-seal closures, and more. Both soft mailers and rigid, non-cushioned mailers are available from our Midwest packaging supplier, making them perfect for documents, papers, small goods, and more. PLM Companies ensures your shipping needs are met with quality mailer options for various applications.

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More Solutions from Our Packaging Suppliers

PLM Companies also offers several other packaging products to make sure your large, mid-sized, or small business can make sure customers get their orders quickly. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how our plastic film, plastic strapping, and other items can keep your shipping department running smoothly. Check out our FAQs as well to help decide which bag would be best for your purposes.

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