Our Vendor Managed Inventory and Warehousing Program

Our Vendor Managed Inventory and Warehousing Program

At PLM Companies, a nationwide logistics and supply chain company, our vendor-managed inventory and warehousing program is the perfect solution for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain management. We provide pallets to companies in need of wooden pallets, while also offering recycling services to make sure no pallet goes to waste. Our experienced team of pallet company professionals is ready to help you coordinate transportation, storage, and other services to ensure a seamless supply chain process. Here’s a little bit about how our program works! And if you’re curious about getting first-hand experience, you can always contact us directly for a quote.

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We Visit Your Facility

We start with a visit to your facility on a weekly basis. This ensures that your company is constantly in contact with ours, so that way we can always stay on top of communication, and ensure that you have access to our services.

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We Count Your Inventory

While we’re at your facility, we’ll also count your inventory. This allows us to make calculations and forecast demand on our end, so we can always ensure you have the right amount of pallets and packaging available.

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We Evaluate Usage Trends

Evaluating usage trends is another important part of our warehousing program. We’ll take a look at what your current inventory looks like, and the volume at which you need to replenish it, and we’ll compare that to current industry trends. This allows us to better forecast demand for the future on our end, so you’re never left without inventory or the means to move it.

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We Review Inventory Levels at Our Facility and Provide Estimates

Once we return from your facility we’ll review the inventory we have available and ensure we can meet your needs. We’ll dig deep, using new or recycled materials to meet both our ecological obligations and to fulfill demand. This helps us provide you with real-time data to help you make inventory purchasing decisions.

When it comes to vendor-managed inventory programs, nobody does it better than PLM Companies. Get a quote from us today to get started!

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