The Benefits of Automating Equipment in Your Warehouse

Discover How an Automated Warehouse Leads to Operational Efficiency

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Warehouse automation equipment is becoming a more important feature to discuss. While some may be worried about robots and automation taking over previously human-led processes, the truth is that the benefits that companies can gain from warehouse automation are multifold! Warehouse automation has a few things going for it that make it something warehouse managers may want to consider.

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Man operating forklift in warehouse.

Increase Productivity

The upturn in productivity is a key benefit in the case of warehouse automation. Warehouses are able to increase speed and efficiency in human warehouse planning and managing skills while minimizing human error and repetitive human interaction. Plus, you will be able to maintain performance through the night and weekends, which makes it a no-brainer for warehouses that need to meet high production expectations in less time.

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Reduce Dependency on Labor

Machines can work 24/7, don’t take holidays or days off, and certainly don’t get sick. Automation equipment systems working together can palletize, de-palletize, sort, pick, and pack orders far quicker than humans. The work of 100 employees can be done with a handful of machines, and the work will be done in less time. You are able to meet deadlines without asking employees to work overtime, which is a win-win for everyone.

Fleet of forklifts in a warehouse.

Increase Safety

While we try to minimize danger in the workplace as much as humanly possible, in environments like warehouses, which depend heavily on manual labor, it is virtually unavoidable. Common ailments like back and knee pain are bound to happen when working with heavy materials and equipment. Having a valued employee get injured on the job is one of the worst feelings, and it usually means covering the costs of treatment and reporting to OSHA. Avoiding injury is the preferred alternative, and this can be solved by automation.

Large collection of pallets.

Improve Quality and Accuracy

Speed, of course, is helpful, and the optimization of resources is always welcome, but accuracy in the warehousing business is paramount. Reducing your error rate means stronger relationships with your clients, more money saved, and more money earned. Automation equipment may still make errors from time to time, but when they do, it’s easier to pinpoint and correct. There are no clumsy apologies that come with such mistakes.

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Reduce Costs from Labor and Down Time

Warehouse automation equipment can dramatically reduce the need for manual labor, which can save heaps of money, particularly during peak periods when employees may need to work overtime to keep up with demand. With warehouse automation, machines can simply run all day and all night if needed, without incurring many additional costs.

If you’re trying to level up the efficiency and function of your warehouse, then automation equipment could be a viable solution for you. An inefficient warehouse negatively impacts your organization’s management system. Comparatively, automated warehouses do more with less and thrive under increased customer demand. Learn how the team at PLM Companies can help you optimize your performance with customized supply chain solutions.

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