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For more than a decade, Eagle packaging machines have been used in a variety of industries, from automotive, toy wood, steel, medical and golf to food processing. Not only is the quality of Eagle machinery renowned, but their prices are also some of the most competitive in the market. In particular, the Eagle T100SM, designed to tape small packages, and the Eagle T500 with automatic top flap folders are great options for businesses of all sizes. The Eagle stretch wrappers have also proven to be a cost-effective solution for pallet wrapping, making them a great choice for all your packaging needs. All Eagle products are thoroughly researched and tested to ensure that they offer the best value on the market.


Eagle 1000A.png


The Eagle 1000 series stretch wrappers are designed to make work life more efficient. Featuring a powered film carriage unit, it is equipped with a photoelectric sensor that recognizes the load height and automatically adjusts the carriage travel for an effective wrap cycle. The turntable provides a soft start/soft stop feature for gentle handling and automatically resets itself upon completion of the job cycle, allowing for proper orientation of the load for pallet jack or forklift insertion. Even more available features offer increased production and cost per load savings. With the Eagle 1000A series stretch wrapper, you benefit from improved efficiency and convenience.

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Eagle 2000A.png


The Eagle 2000 series stretch wrappers are designed to make work life more efficient. With a powered film carriage unit that automatically adjusts film efficiency based on the load height, a soft start/soft stop feature for gentle handling, and an automatic resetting of the turntable upon completion of a job cycle, this stretch wrapper provides increased production and cost per load savings. Even more available features make the Eagle 2000A series stretch wrapper an optimal choice for efficient work life.

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Strapping Machines

Eagle SP11.png


The Eagle SP11 is an eco-friendly, efficient, and safe option for your height adjustable needs. Featuring two direct-drive 24VDC motors, the Eagle SP11 eliminates the need for a complex belt and pulley system and provides nearly silent operation. Additionally, the electric strap tension control eliminates the need for a manual spring-based hand crank system. On top of that, the stainless steel table top and safety switch that cuts power while the lid is open ensure the safety of the operator.

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Carton Erectors

Eagle T10CF.png


The Eagle T10CF is the perfect semi-automatic carton erector add-on unit for your needs, with a range of applications such as pharmaceutical, produce or publication. Not only is it easy to use, but it also has important safety features. When the control panel becomes exposed, the Eagle T10CF will automatically shut down, making it a great addition for any business looking for a reliable carton erector add-on unit.