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Highlight has achieved tremendous growth by staying ahead of its competitors through its specialized technology and equipment. Its stretch wrap equipment is the most advanced in the world and it is renowned for its quality control equipment for stretch film and resin producers. Highlight is proud to offer the largest selection of stretch wrap equipment on earth, with distributors located all over the globe. This success is due to its innovative concept of producing the highest quality, highest value and highest technology products, thus establishing itself as the industry leader.


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Predator SS

The Predator® SS stretch wrap machine takes the hassle out of packaging, offering an affordable and simple solution for businesses that don't want to stretch their budget. Loaded with features such as top and bottom counters, photo eye, and two wrapping modes, this machine is designed to give you maximum control and efficiency. The state-of-the-art INFO screen shows you exactly what the machine is doing and makes troubleshooting easy. Plus, the Simplified Stretch feature lets you adjust the stretch level and film force with a simple turn of a knob. Invest in the Predator® SS and get the reliable and efficient packaging solution you need.

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Predator XS

The Predator® XS is the ultimate semi-automatic system, designed to exceed all expectations in terms of performance and value. The Predator® XS features Select-Stretch™ for greater film savings, an Allen-Bradley PLC for improved accuracy and reliability, an automatic film cut for faster production, AC drives for superior power, and Fast Film Feed for increased efficiency. These features make the Predator® XS the most advanced and reliable system on the market.

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Predator Platinum

The Predator® Platinum is revolutionizing the way loads are wrapped - with just the push of the remote, you can automatically wrap loads with ease. Its automatic film attach, cut and wipe down technology is the most advanced in the industry and increases productivity up to 40%. With the Predator® Platinum, you can experience improved productivity and efficiency like never before.

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Looking for an affordable way to wrap your loads without sacrificing quality or performance? Look no further than the Synergy™ .5 Spiral! This innovative solution from Highlight delivers outstanding performance at a price that won't stretch your budget. With the ability to precisely adjust the level of film stretch, you can be sure that your loads are held securely every time. Plus, with typical stretch levels of up to 60%, no load is too challenging for the Synergy™ .5. And, despite its competitive pricing, this system is built to withstand the test of time. Choose the Synergy™ .5 Spiral for a cost-effective, reliable wrapping solution.

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Meet the Synergy 4, the industry's most versatile, flexible, and reliable stretch wrap system. Thanks to the Infinity Film Delivery System, precise digital settings for pre-stretch levels can be made for both the pallet and the load, allowing for optimal film performance and load containment.

With multiple customer-programmed wrap patterns, the Synergy 4 offers the ultimate in flexibility, delivering consistent performance without any guesswork on the part of operators. And, like all Highlight equipment, the Synergy 4 is crafted from top-quality industrial components, ensuring efficient operation and long-lasting durability. This system is designed to last well into the future, making it an excellent choice for any packaging application.

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The Synergy™ 5 Automatic from Highlight Industries sets the standard for conveyorized turntable stretch wrap systems. With the infinitely adjustable Dual Power Hydro-Stretch® feature, this system offers superior stretch film control for maximum load security.

Easy to use touch screen controls provide reliable, user-friendly operation, including ten user-programmable wrap "recipes" and diagnostic indicators for fast troubleshooting. Meanwhile, the Highlight-built conveyors deliver heavy-duty capacity, long life, and fast, smooth conveying for high production rates.

Designed for maximum productivity and minimum maintenance, the Synergy™ 5 system incorporates Allen-Bradley PLCs and off-the-shelf components to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance. Choose the Synergy™ 5 from Highlight Industries for unmatched productivity and ease of use.

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The Highlight Magnum™ 1300 TB-U is a top and bottom belt drive case sealer that provides superior performance when it comes to sealing taller, shorter cases. With adjustable top drive belts and a 200 series tape head that can accept any 2-inch case tape, this sealer is designed to deliver accurate and consistent tape application for uniform cases. Plus, adjusting for different box sizes is simple with the turn of a handle. And with the ability to operate at up to 30 cases per minute, the Highlight Magnum™ 1300 TB-U is an ideal choice for any business looking for reliable and efficient case sealing.

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The Highlight Magnum™ 2300 SD-U is a side belt drive case sealer that provides reliable, consistent tape application. The side belts drive and tape head can be easily adjusted with the turn of a handle to accommodate different sizes of boxes. The 200 series tape head is compatible with any 2-inch case tape, ensuring optimal sealing for the top and bottom of the case. As the 2300 operates at up to 30 cases per minute, it is the ideal choice for businesses that require quick, accurate case sealing.

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The Highlight Magnum™ 3500 TB-R is the perfect choice for automatic top and bottom belt drive case sealing. This system is especially beneficial for those with cartons that are taller in height and shorter in length, since the top and bottom drive belts hold the cartons down more securely while applying the tape. The 3500 provides consistent, accurate tape application and automatically adjusts to any case size, while the 200 series tape head accepts any 2-inch case tape and ensures the top and bottom of the case are securely sealed. Furthermore, PLC controls with two taping programs add to the 3500’s re l i a b i l i t y and speed, as it can operate at up to 20 cases per minute.

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Tabletop Strappers

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The Saturn™ ST-1100 is our best selling tabletop strapping system and offers great value for your money. It's easy to use - just dial in the strap length and tension and you're ready to go. Simply loop the strap around your product and insert it into the machine, and the ST-1100 will automatically tension, cut and heat seal the strap - it couldn't be simpler! Get the job done quickly and efficiently with the Saturn™ ST-1100.

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