a grey bin with a stack of clear tape

Tape Head Program

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Machine Tape Rolls tearing with 10-20% product on the roll?
  • Employees throwing away end rolls and loading new to “save time”?
  • Hand tape rolls being thrown in the trash?

All too often we see a tremendous amount of waste that is deemed acceptable - it does not have to be that way. There are solutions:

  1. The tape you are using is not right for the application
  2. The tape machine you are using needs adjustment, new parts, or needs to be replaced

Please call us today to schedule your FREE evaluation. We will assess the situation and provide a clear plan for eliminating waste, reducing downtime, and eliminating unnecessary frustrations!! One option could be our Tape Head Program – Use State of the Art tape heads provided by PLM at no charge to you and no maintenance or part cost for the duration of the program. Some requirement apply including consumables purchased from PLM Companies to ensure quality. Call your Sales or Customer Service Representative for more information.