Is Your Business Creating Waste From Tape?

Whether your business uses tape heads or machine tape rolls, you may be seeing an increase in the waste being created throughout the process. This not only hurts your bottom line, but it can also create immense damage to the environment due to the amount of waste having to be thrown away. Luckily, at PLM Companies we have the solutions you need to fix this problem, helping your business save money and the environment all at the same time. Visit us online to find out more!


Why This Is Important

Product waste within any aspect of your business should always be taken into consideration, especially when it involves constantly used products such as tape. Although it may not seem like it right away, creating waste from tape is a cost that will definitely be felt in your profits over the long run. Not only does your business feel the impacts of waste, but so too does the environment with the constant turn in tape production and use.



Is your business running into the following issues?

  • Machine Tape Rolls tearing with 10-20% product on the roll?

  • Employees throwing away end rolls and loading new to “save time”?

  • Hand tape rolls being thrown in the trash?

If so, your company is wasting tape products and the hard-earned money it takes to purchase them. Contact us today to help stop these issues from continuing.



At PLM Companies, we can offer your business numerous solutions to help reduce tape waste. These solutions are a sure way to eliminate waste, reduce downtime, all while helping to increase productivity levels. One of these solutions being our tape head program, which is an excellent choice to fix the problems your business faces!


Our Tape Head Program

All too often we see a tremendous amount of waste that is later deemed to be acceptable, but this does not have to be the case. WIth our Tape Head Program, we can help you establish the solutions you need within your business. We will help you figure out if the tape you are using is not right for the application, while also informing you on whether or not your tape machine needs adjustments, new parts, or replacement!

Your Packaging Solutions Are Just a Call or Click Away!

If you want to stop reducing the waste your business creates with its tape use, look no further than PLM Companies. Please call us today to schedule your free evaluation, as our team is more than ready to help you start saving the money your business needs to succeed!

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